Welcome to the getting started guide for Iogly. This manual will give you step by step instructions on how to set up Iogly. If you follow these steps closely you should be up and running in no time.

Step 1 - Registration & Dashboard
  • If you haven't already registered please register here.
  • If you are registered please log in here.

Once you are successfully logged in you will be greeted by the dashboard. The dashboard is the central hub informing you about the state of your monitored instances and all other things relating to the Iogly service.

Step 2 - Instance creation

We refer to a web application that is monitored by Iogly as an instance. To add monitoring for your web app or service you need to create an instance. You can view the instances list via the 'Instances' sidebar item where you can then click on the 'Create Instance' button in the top right corner to setup your first instance.

All important interface components and pages have help texts. You can access the help information by clicking on the '?' icon next to the components or page titles.

Fill the form and click on 'Create' to complete the instance creation process.

Create Instance Page

You will be redirected to the 'Instances' list page. The instance setup is completed now.

Create Instance Success Page
Step 3 - Account

Next you need to set up your account information. To do so click on 'Account' in the sidebar. Enter your contact and billing information here. Make sure to set your notification preferences. Alerts about incidents will be sent to the email and phone number you specify here.

Account Page
Step 4 - Instance Configuration

To configure your instance click on 'Instances' in the sidebar and then on the 'Edit' button next to the instance you want to configure.

We pre-configure each instance with defaults that match most common scenarios. In case you have specific requirements please make adjustments here.

Instance Edit Page
Step 5 - Beacon Installation

To monitor your application you need to install the Iogly client software. We call this the Beacon.

We got a dedicated getting started guide that explains the installation of the Beacon which you can find here. Once you completed the installation please continue with the next step.

Step 6 - Billing

When you first sign up you will get access to the full functionality of Iogly during a 2 week trail period. Once the trial period expires you will have to subscribe to continue using the Iogly service. You can view the remainder of the trial period in the billing section. To view the rest of your trial period or manage your subscription click on 'Billing' in the sidebar.

Billing Page
Step 7 - Validation

To validate everything is set up correctly click on Instances in the sidebar and check if the status of your monitored instance is 'Online'.

We recommend to make a test modification to your application to see if the beacon and the connection to Iogly is set up correctly.

  • Log into your application server
  • Create an empty 'hack.php' file in your application root
  • You should receive a notification alert according to your notification preferences within 5 minutes
  • Follow the link in the notification to view the change in the Iogly admin interface

Congratulations! You are ready to go.

Step 8 - Deploy mode setup

To the triggering of alerts during deployments you have to switch your instance into deploy mode. You can find all the details on how to set up Iogly for deployments in our dedicated Deploy Mode Guide.

Step 9 - WordPress Plugin (Wordpress only)

To integrate Iogly with WordPress please install the Iogly WordPress plugin. You can download the plugin here.